Sport & Sport Funding

New City Primary School Vision for Sport and Physical Education

At New City Primary School, we believe that PE is vital to children’s physical, emotional and social development as well as their health. PE enables children to develop their self-confidence and competence in a variety of physical activities. It is important that children are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities so that they are more likely to continue to be physically active throughout their lives.

At New City, we aim to be a school where physical education caters to the needs and aspirations of each child, and where every child has the opportunity to take part in a sport.  We aim to achieve this by providing a range of curricular and extra-curricular pursuits, which foster the full potential of each child.

Hannah Coleby
PE Coordinator
February 2016


2013 / 2014 / 2015

Under the Government Sport Funding scheme, New City received £10,300 for 2013/2014 and £10,270 for 2014/2015 and will receive £10,270 for 2015/2016 to fund projects in sport.

The money is being used to fund the following projects:

Total Pupils on Role in years 1-6:  454
Total amount received for 2015/2016 = £10270
PE and Sports Premium money used for… Amount allocated Actions to achieve Actual impact Next steps
Cumberland Partnership £3085 Miss Coleby to sign up to the Cumberland partnership
Miss Coleby to arrange team teaching sessions
Miss Coleby/Mr Archer to take children to outside competitions
Children have attended clubs delivered by specialists gaining more skills in the sport
Team teaching has improve the quality of teachers lessons
Children have taken part in outside competitions
Continued participation in the Cumberland partnership to benefit future children.
Extra Swimming lessons for year 5 (in addition to year 3) as requested by the school council £4500 approx Year 5 classes to attend swimming lessons weekly – 1 class per term Children have gained more confidence with swimming and enjoy swimming
The majority of children in the school are able to swim
Continued swimming lessons for Year 5 classes to benefit future children.
Lunchtime sports coach
- coach Chris (basketball)
£2000 approx School to employ sports coach
Miss Coleby to monitor coaching sessions
Children are able to take part in different sports from specialist coaches in an informal environment Continued coaching to benefit future children.
New Gymnastics mats £600 approx Miss Coleby to order mats Children are able to participate in safer gymnastics lessons Ensure all staff are trained in gymnastics (via inset meeting) so all children are able to benefit from new mats.